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“Peer Review and Why You Need It” ~ by KateMarie Collins

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Comic on the quality of different methods of peer review (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve met and read a few authors who, for whatever reason, didn’t get a peer review of their manuscript before releasing it to the world. In my opinion, that is one of the WORST decisions any writer can make.

No one writes the perfect story in a first draft. You need to let fresh eyes read it, and use their honest feedback to improve your writing. Not just in this one story, but overall. Once mistakes are pointed out to us, we try not to repeat them. I’m not always successful at that. Which is one reason I send my stories off to be critiqued by some wonderful fellow writers each time.

What may make sense to you may not to a reader. Logic jumps only work if they make sense. If you create a character who abhors violence and weapons, they should shy away from using them. Readers are going to pick up on that, and shake their head when that person is an expert marksman later in the story.

One of my bad habits in first drafts is overusing a single word or phrase. I just don’t see it when I’m writing. My crit partners do, however, and call me on it.

Revisions are part of the job. Editors will be assigned to you at your publisher, yes. But they are not there to rewrite your story for you. Find yourself someone you trust to give you an honest opinion before you send it off. Don’t go with someone who is going to praise your work and not give a single suggestion. That’s only going to help your ego, not your writing. You want someone (or several of them) who is not afraid to tell you, “Hey, take this out. We already know they’re fighting dwarves from the previous sentence”.

Some of the benefits of peer review? Not having your m/s rejected because of huge spelling errors or repetitive phrasing. Having a writing style that editors want to read because they don’t feel like they’re having to lead you by the nose to get things presentable. Increasing your reader loyalty for putting a quality story out there. katemariecollinspic

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KateMarie Collins is a 40 something wife, mother, cat lover, and newly published author of “Daughter of Hauk” and anxiously awaiting the publication of her next book, “Mark of the Successor”. Visit my blog site at http://katemariecollins.wordpress.com/ for more information about me and my books and more posts where I write about things I come across after being published. Few people talk about the ups and downs that come with being published, so I thought it was time.

What did you think about KateMarie’s recommendation for Peer Review in your writing process? Have you used this method and if so, were there any funny, interesting or “so glad they caught that” moments you can share?


4 thoughts on ““Peer Review and Why You Need It” ~ by KateMarie Collins

  1. I was very fortunate in that the person who pushed me to write HEAR HIM CRY also pushed me to send her every last word as I was writing it. She read draft upon draft upon draft. Sometimes it included re-reading an entire chapter in which only a couple of sentences had been changed. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without her.


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