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Can you be honest? Part 1 of 3

Reba Ponder Weiss has written a great 3 part series on her blog and we found it to be a great match for the content we try to deliver here…thank you Reba, and enjoy, we hope you find an AHA moment with us! Next Friday we will reblog part 2 and then again the following Friday for part 3 or jump over to Reba’s blog if you can’t wait!

reba ponder weiss

See that manuscript in front of you? It is time to share it. Now, don’t be afraid, you knew this day was going to come. You and I both know you wrote this book because you wanted to share it with the world. Now it is time to share it with a few readers. Readers are people who agree to read your early work and understand you are still in the rough draft phase. “Rough Draft Phase?” you say. Yes, I am afraid so. Even if you think your book is perfect in every way, trust me, it is far from perfect. It is not humanly possible to step back from your writing and make an honest assessment of the time line, awkwardness of words, or edits. You need a pair of fresh eyes to read it and be honest with you about the broad strokes of your masterpiece.


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