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How to Write a Novel (in 10 Easy Steps)

Friday is reblog day! The point is to introduce other great blog sites that are sharing great content that is down to earth advice and information that we can all relate to, share them with you and invite them to join our community. We hope you enjoy today’s AHA moment and also want to shout out a special thank you to Michelle Proulx for such a great blog site and for allowing the reblog button!

Michelle Proulx - Author

Inspired by the 10 Steps To Becoming a Better Writer poster, I have decided to put off my work for another hour or so and instead present you with:

Step One: Learn basic grammar. Seriously. I’m not saying you need to know every in and out of the impossibly complicated English language, but at least know how to form a basic sentence. A general grasp on punctuation and capitalization is also suggested, but not required.

Step Two: Figure out why you’re writing. Is it for fun, or because you’re aiming for eventual publication? What drives your writing spirit? Is this a short-time thing, where your inspiration to write will peter out in a few days, or do you actually have the gumption to sit down and type out an entire book? If a novel sounds like a lot, try a short story first. Maybe writing isn’t your thing after…

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