AHA Moments and Badges of Honor

200x200This site exists because of the hard work of many authors that have shared personal experiences, things they’ve learned the hard way and in general, great advice, resources and tips in order to help and support other authors. Originally developed and launched by myself, Debra L Hartmann and my colleague Roger Gerald Scott, two indie authors working as editors, we saw a need for a free resource and hoped to make a difference.



Certainly, you can look back and remember those days when you were searching for answers and only finding companies offering to sell you something and so many that you still didn’t really know which to choose. Those moments are often the turning point for authors to choose vanity presses like Author House, or worse after hundreds of rejection letters, sign with what appears to be a traditional publishing contract from Publish America and fall prey to the greedy vices of big corporations. There are also the moments when you are struggling to promote your book and faced with learning all about social media marketing and overwhelmed by the new knowledge that your writing time is going to be chipped away by all the time spent promoting. Moments when you just need a little inspiration or direction to pull out of writer’s block. AHA moments, times when you need peer support to help you through some struggle of your trade, your craft, your art.

It’s often said that the best advise is from a peer, someone that has already learned the hard way and can help you not make the same mistakes or just not feel alone to struggle through figuring it out on your own. And, here we are, sharing an article on a blog site, written for you and by someone with similar interests, goals and dreams. Ultimately, all a writer really wants is to write, publish and get feedback that what they wrote was appreciated by even just one reader. AHA! Someone that understands! AHA! A lot of someone’s that understand! Welcome, come in, stay awhile….

thank you 300x300A special thank you to each and every author that has contributed an article, or multiple articles, to this site! We have made a difference. With $0 spent on advertising, development, etc. but only as a result of hundreds of hours of writing and behind the scenes work, this site is in the top 3 search results for both Google and Bing and several other less well known search engines for the keywords “authors helping authors” and our next goal is to appear before Author House for the keyword “author resources”. The site reaches 7792 people instantly with each new post and is growing daily! RT activity on Twitter and shares/likes on Facebook creates another 40-50K in daily exposure and article views and clicks to the links on the articles are in the thousands daily.

What does all this mean for you, to you? The library of content is here for you, free yesterday, today and tomorrow and will only grow. The site’s popularity makes it a great venue for your article and has proven to also result in viewers visiting your sites as well…while authors certainly want to connect with readers, networking with authors is a great way to increase your realm of influence and reach more readers. Articles not only show off your skills as a writer, your experiences and of course, your credit line that includes a link or two for your sales page, blog, website, etc. but they also give you a voice in a forum that is striving to make a difference and any published author that writes about the topics important to authors can share in that. The behind the scenes benefits include link building and a keyword rich connection that search engines love. By posting on our site with a link to your site and then by having something on your site that is a link to our site, you can boost your own search engine visibility. You can recycle older posts from your blog or webpage on relevant topics and spend little to no time reviving them for a newer, larger audience to enjoy.

What are Badges of Honor? We have created some fun clip art pieces that you can use to show off your connection with one of the fastest growing, highest ranking author resource sites on the internet today. These badges are easy to install and Debra or Roger will gladly help you with the technical aspect of loading them. They are simply a widget or a picture on the side panel of your site/blog and when clicked on, they will bring a viewer to the AHA site where they can view the same great content you enjoy and/or contribute to. They can be set to open as a new window in most cases in order to keep visitors from “leaving” your site and are a great way to show off your hard work, your recommendation for this library, support the continued success and growth so that you are also contributing to helping more authors as they enter our wonderful world of publishing written words.

Badges are available for the following:

Contributor – This badge is reserved just for the authors that have articles published on the site.

redribbon 200x200


Everyone receiving an email notification of new posts to the site are eligible to receive one of these badges (the one at the beginning of this post). Simply email aha4real@gmail.com with “I want my badge” in the subject field. Make a note of the site address where you will upload the badge and what platform you are using (wordpress, blogger, etc.) so we can provide you with the badge, the link and the right instructions to make loading it as easy as possible.

In weeks to come, watch for more badges to be revealed!

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