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“Flash Your Fiction: A New Promotional Site for Books” ~ by Paul Ruth

BooksFlash your Fiction is a new blog that is seeking submissions for already published books. The site accepts excepts of 500 words or less and a link to where your book can be purchased. All genres or fiction and non-fiction accepted. The central concept is to allow for readers to quickly browse the writing style and quality. See the site for more details on submission.

Since the site is relatively new, the opportunity for getting a work featured there is high. As the blog progresses, it will seek to promote 5 books a day. This is based on submission rates, so the longer someone waits the harder it will be to get promoted. Once the book is promoted, it stays in the archive, allowing your book to be search forever even once the site takes off.

This is a blog all about the reader who is looking for new works by established or new authors. In part, the mission of this site is to find books that might be overlooked by traditional (and even non-traditional) publishing methods. 500 words gives enough space for the reader to judge whether or not they enjoy reading a particular author. It is the suggestion that quality is different from marketability. This site seeks quality, and allows the reader to decide the market for the book.

Authors have already submitted and had their books promoted on the site with great joy in helping to support the mission of the site. Please visit the site today at http://flashyourfiction.tumblr.com/ And like the site on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/flashyourfiction

~~~~~~~~~Paul Ruth is a writer and educator from the metro Detroit area. He is currently completing his Master’s in English, and his writing can be found at The Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-ruth/

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