Writing is About Living

M.C. Muhlenkamp is the author of the Markram Battles series available on Amazon. A special thank you to Melissa for sharing her perspective on writing through this blog post on her wonderful website!

M.C. Muhlenkamp

Decisions, like most things in life, come down to priorities. I remember reading a post by Nathan Bransford a long time ago where he said something along the lines of, no project or goal is worth pushing aside the most important people in your life. Nathan, please forgive me for not quoting your exact words. Attempting to track down that single line in your blog would be like looking for a needle in a giant tub on needles.

Back then I was barely starting to share my writing with others and slowly making my way through the world of self-publishing. But here I am today, about two years later, still mulling over those words. As the due date for baby number three approaches (yes, I’ve been pregnant for the past nine months), hauling along all the responsibilities that come with another kid, I cannot help feeling overwhelmed.

I remember when…

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