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Ask the… It’s an Invitation!

Authors, editors, designers, and marketing professionals with experience in traditional and indie/self publishing can really help authors learn and grow in their craft and the business of publishing. The team at IAPS has volunteered to donate some of their time each month answering writing, editing, packaging, publishing, and marketing questions faced every day while authors navigate… Continue reading Ask the… It’s an Invitation!

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Beta Reading Cuts Editing Costs

What is a Beta Reader? A beta reader is a person who represents part of your target market and reads your nearly completed manuscript with the expectation that their input will help you develop plot, theme, character, pace, grammar, and spelling. They help flesh out issues you couldn’t have caught during your self-editing rounds because… Continue reading Beta Reading Cuts Editing Costs

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6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Social media offers the perfect way to communicate directly with customers. It is possible for your content to quickly go viral, reaching a huge audience in no time. You can, however, go viral for the wrong reasons, potentially alienating those who would have bought from you. Many social media mistakes are not so catastrophic, though,… Continue reading 6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid