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“What Drives a Book Reviewer to Drink” ~ by Stefan Vucak

When I get into a hole while writing, to clear my head and let things sort themselves out, which they usually do, I download an e-book to review. Saying it like that, the process sounds simple, but selecting a book is fraught with apprehension and hopeful expectation. Bombarded with flashy covers and eye-catching blurbs, sometimes… Continue reading “What Drives a Book Reviewer to Drink” ~ by Stefan Vucak

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“Rating the Ratings” – by Charles Ameringer

  Jack Hummingwey was riding high; the reviews of his novel, “The Caymans Caper,” were averaging 4.4 stars on Goodreads; two 5-star and three 4-star reviews; reviews that were conscientious and thorough. Then, Naomi Gusta brought him back to earth, posting a one-star rating; Jack’s average went into the dumpster. He felt blindsided; it didn’t… Continue reading “Rating the Ratings” – by Charles Ameringer