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Publishing with a Side of Self-Sabotage

by L Dalton White So, my first novel was self-published—almost self-everything—and nothing happened. The second time around, I got a new editor, professional book cover and formatting. Nothing happened. The little I knew from an online course on book marketing wasn’t helping. Do it yourself wasn’t getting it done. I wanted something to happen. Spoiler… Continue reading Publishing with a Side of Self-Sabotage

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10 Ways for Authors to Protect Themselves On Social Networking Sites

Social Networking sites can be scary places. When the world is connected, anything can happen, and it can happen quickly too.

That’s why I’m here to talk to you today. These days, anyone can fall victim to a social networking faux pas, and from hacks and leaks to rules and regulations, there’s always something that could go wrong and damage your reputation.

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Self-Publishing 101: First Impressions

When it became easy to publish, people published crap. Buckets and boatloads of it. A gate was opened, which was previously closed to just anyone dreaming of becoming a published author. Whether because of budget or ignorance, people published within days of finishing writing and screamed from the rooftops, “Look at me, I’m published!” The… Continue reading Self-Publishing 101: First Impressions

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“What’s Important?” ~ by Corey Smith

Sometimes we worry about things that we shouldn’t worry about it and we ignore the important things. Commonly this is known as picking the wrong battle. The challenge, I think, sometimes is that, for as often as you hear “pick your battles,” no one really ever says what that really means. If we had the… Continue reading “What’s Important?” ~ by Corey Smith

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“Facebook No-No’s” – by Corey Smith

Generally, I am not one to be a social media cop. I think that there are too many people out there that have way too much time on their hands trying to be the police of what other people do. There is one exception that I make to this rule… that is when companies have… Continue reading “Facebook No-No’s” – by Corey Smith