Badges of Honor

redribbon 200x200Are you a fan of the site? A contributing member? Badges and external links help improve your site’s appearance while improving your site’s SEO and, of course, they are a great way to show off your connection with this great community of authors. If you enjoy the site, this is a colorful way to share that with your own followers and encourage others that could use this growing library to visit.
Contact us at to request your badge of honor and instructions for installing it on your site. Be sure to include the site URL address where you will be placing the badge and who is hosting it so we can send you the right information. Below is the WordPress instructions but we can provide them for Blogger and a few others, just let us know.
WordPress and Microsoft based instructions:
  1. Save the badge image to a folder on your computer where you can find it again
  2. Log into your WordPress blog site
  3. Go to Blog Admin page
  4. On the left menu column, select Add New under Media menu
  5. Choose Select Files button, locate the badge in your file and double click it or single click it and then the okay/select/open button on this select file window
  6. You’ll be back on the New Media page of WordPress and should see the file now at the bottom of the text, click Edit
  7. Notice on the right side, the File URL field and copy the link from it, just select it and copy it
  8. On the left menu column, select Widgets under Appearance
  9. Locate the Image widget from the middle of the page, click and drag it over to the sidebar and location in the sidebar where you want it to show up, let go of your mouse click
  10. The Image widget you dragged over should open up and there are several fields in it…paste the URL link you previously copied into the LINK URL field
  11. Usually you want to choose to Center the Image Alignment
  12. Populate the Link URL (when imaged is clicked) field with this URL link:
  13. Click Save and you are done…piece of cake!

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