What’s Important?

~ by Corey SmithWorry

Sometimes we worry about things that we shouldn’t worry about it and we ignore the important things. Commonly this is known as picking the wrong battle.

The challenge, I think, sometimes is that, for as often as you hear “pick your battles,” no one really ever says what that really means.

If we had the ability to think logically, from every point of view all the time, it would be very easy to know what battles to pick… which challenges are worth addressing.

I can only speak for myself, but I know that if I am caught off guard with a request that doesn’t fit my plan, I have a very difficult time bending. I think that many type A people tend to have the same type of problem and many entrepreneurs and business leaders tend to be type A. I know plenty of authors that are also very opinionated and can’t forgive a differing point of view.

I know that when my employees, children, friends or wife ask me to do something that is outside my current plan, I have to take a step back and process it before I can say yes. It can strike them as strange at times because normally I make decisions so quickly.

I find that I have to constantly remind myself that sometimes it’s okay to not worry about a certain thing. It’s okay to let someone else make the decision and I can just roll with it.

Think about the choices you face every day. Think about the things that you think are critically important. Then ask yourself, are they really that important? If someone wants to do something a different way, ask yourself, “Will this matter in a day, week or year?” If it really doesn’t matter… if it really has no negative impact on your objectives, let others make the choices.

~~~~~~~~~~~Corey Smith is President of Tribute Media and Author of “Do It Right: A CEO’s Guide to Web Strategy”. His firm specializes in building websites for businesses, (including authors). Connect with him at About.me.

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