What is AHA? An AHA Moment?


Being an author is much like being a starving artist when you first get started and this community of authors can offer advice, tips, and resources to help. The focus is on providing support, information, and inspiration to authors so they don’t have to learn everything the hard way.

AHA moments are when something you experience or observe just clicks for you, helps you in some way, inspires you, keeps you from learning something the hard way, etc. This site is filled with moments like that! Those moments when you read an article from another author and think, AHA, I hadn’t thought of that, or AHA, I am not alone! We all need those moments for inspiration, support, education.  You can have an AHA moment, give an AHA moment, or both!  Email us at mrsdlhartmann@iaps.rocksafter reading the How to be Published Page and Site Policy Page.

Benefits to submitting an article for publication as an AHA Moment on this website:

  1. Build reputation–every occurrence of published writing by an author increases their reputation as a writer
  2. Increase search engine ranking with links in your byline and in the article itself. Your article should be unique–don’t publish the same content on multiple websites or it negatively affects all the websites where it appears repeatedly. Back links are an important part of the SEO algorithms. Use as many as you want! And definitely write a quick post on your own site that talks about you being published on AHA and put a link to your article.
  3. Improved reach and networking–we market your articles like crazy for you! We include your Twitter handle where length allows and we use several retweet hashtags. You’ll find your follower numbers for your blog and profiles will increase every time we promote your article.

Once published, you’ll receive an email with a link to the article. Within 30 days, you’ll start to see your article being promoted over and over again, month after month. Click through rates from your article to your website are often reported as excellent, though we find that is dependent on the article itself.

We have also set up a Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/ahapage be sure to LIKE the page and let all of your friends know about it – remember friends don’t let friends struggle through the process of becoming a successful author alone!


There is a search box you can use to locate a specific author or keyword for a topic you are interested in. Thanks so much for visiting the site!

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