How to Publish AHA Moments

Guest Posting and Commenting Policy – AHA welcomes guest posts and encourages comments. We are always accepting submissions for posts written in article format, focused on a topic, and signed with a credit line and short bio that can direct traffic to your website, social media profiles, book sales pages, etc. Take a moment to look at other articles and credit lines…article format is very similar to blog posting.

In the interest of keeping our site dedicated and focused on Authors Helping Authors, here are our guidelines:

  • Your post must be relative to the site, to the heading you are posting under, the content you are commenting on, etc.  Common sense.  If you are having trouble, contact Debra at for technical support.
  • It must have a catchy title.  Be creative, you are by nature and we want your post to be read.
  • It must be no shorter than 100 words and no longer than 1500. (We can be flexible here, email us to discuss any ideas for posts that are outside of this guideline.)
  • Your article should be unique. If you publish the same content here and on your own blog, it diminishes the SEO return for both sites. You will get more bang for your time writing that article by publishing it in one place or the other, not both. By publishing here, you increase your realm of influence and get free advertising endlessly…making it well worth submitting unique articles for publication and promotion to our over 13,000 and growing follower numbers. You can post a lead in excerpt on your site and link here so you get content for your site also this way, but while taking advantage of back links and not hurting SEO.
  • No shameless self-promotion. Our format is article marketing. Write on topic and then always put a tagline at the bottom of your post.  Tag lines should include your name, your site, and you can put something that speaks to your expertise in the topic you wrote about.   Consider your tag line a signature, and you can always copy and paste this tag line to use for future posts so it is a standard that readers will recognize and look for! Think Branding! When in doubt, look at the examples on every article posted within the site.
  • Your post has to be fully edited as we will not fix typos or grammar mistakes. Please do not ask us to go back in and fix it.
  • You may have a byline (of course!). Add your bio, written in third person, directly underneath your tagline.  This should be about you and not shameless self-promotion.
  • Send your article to us in a Word doc or simply as content in an email, to
  • When sending us your guest post, also include a jpg or gif file of your author photo, if you like. We cannot “save as” photos embedded into a doc so send them separately. If you send your photos to us embedded in the doc and not separate, they will not be used.
  • Sorry, but we can’t guarantee everything will be posted and we need to focus on steps in the direction of building the site so we can’t respond to everything.  If a post isn’t selected, please don’t hesitate to send a different one!  So far, we have responded to every email and we try to make time to comment and reply in the site, and to follow and comment on other sites.
  • If your post is accepted, it will be live on our blog as soon as we can get to it and after approval. Generally, posts can be completed within a week and we prioritize by first come first serve standards.  If you are part of a blog tour and want us to publish it on a certain day, let us know.
  • The only thing we ask in return is that you follow the blog, like it on Facebook, and spread the word so the community can grow!  Remember authors don’t let authors struggle alone!  It’s great press for you and for this site if you promote your post through whatever social media accounts you have for a few days after you post.
  • We promote all the articles in the site, randomly and continuously, via social networking. A post from six months ago may show up as a tweet tomorrow. Just one of the perks of being published here…over time, attention will still be brought to your article and to that author bio and credit line you cleverly crafted for the bottom of the article!

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