Must Join Sites for Indie Authors

This is just a list of sites that you must join in your efforts to market your own book.  Make sure you set up a way to keep track of all of the log in ids and passwords.  Personally, I have one master file that contains my author’s bio, book synopsis, personal portrait and cover picture and I use an excel document that not only allows me to track all of the ids and passwords but also lets me click on the link to each site right from there, just making it easier and quicker to do updates and manage them.  It looks like this:

sample of id log

If you do this right from the start, you won’t spend a lot of time and you will save a lot of time later.  Now for that list of sites and remember, you should set up your excel sheet first and then you can copy and paste these links right into this spreadsheet and go from there.

There will be more….soon!

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