Crowd Funding

Dedicated to the publishing industry, Pubslush is a niche pioneer for crowd funding. We recommend Pubslush because of their proven track record in raising funds for authors and publishers, the way they have marketing and building communities of readers built into their structure, and the exceptional service and availability of their staff.

Through Pubslush,  you can create and launch a book campaign that will serve as a landing page to drive traffic to your book before it’s published. Your book campaign will also encapsulate you as author with your photos, a video, links to your social media and website and more.

Key Features:

•    Collect pre-orders

•    Tangibly market and build a buzz around your book pre-publication

•    Raise funds for your publishing and marketing costs

•    Build and engage with your reader database, which can be used for future promotional efforts

•    Collect reader data and analytics; know your audience and how to market to them

•    Drive traffic to the sale of your book once it’s published

•    Brand yourself as an author

Visit their site and get in touch with an author relations coordinator to ask any questions you may have while deciding where and how to set up your crowd funding campaign. They are standing by to help you make the most of crowd funding–this is not just a web site, but a group of passionate people wanting to make difference in our industry.


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