Book Reviews – How Do You Get Them?

You could wait for a reader to buy your book and hope they take the time to tell the world on the sales page that they either loved it or hated it.  I suspect you want to have some reviews done to help readers choose to buy your book in the meantime and this is an important step.  How do you get them?  Search the internet for bloggers that do book reviews and submit to all of them that meet this criteria:

  • variety of genre’s, or at least the same genre of your book, already reviewed on their site
  • blog site has a track record and followers and is well designed
  • they agree to publish the review on your sales page also
  • does not require a hard copy of your book but will except a file sent over email
  • does not require money, a review in return, or anything else but a copy of the book

Once you have a list of sites, start submitting.  Include everyone that tells you it will be several months or weeks away, you may have to wait but at least its a review you will get and most sites are backlogged.

Do not pay for book reviews.  Avid readers can see right through their reviews and will not respect you as an author for doing that.  You might get a 5 star review but that reader won’t pay you anymore attention after they realize it was paid for.

Whenever possible, make a personal connection after you receive an unsolicited book review – if you can send a quick thank you note and tell them what you are writing next, you are more likely to sell to that reader again.

– DLHartmann,

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