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Guest Posting and Commenting Policy – AHA welcomes guest bloggers and encourages comments. After all, that is what our foundation is built on!

Comments: Not everyone will agree with everything. That is part of the beauty of the world we live in. Be considerate of others and make sure your comment is conducive to maintaining a helpful and supportive flow of information and idea sharing that our site provides to all authors of all skill levels.

Argumentative and/or derogatory comments that do not add value to the site will be removed. When possible, someone from admin will privately contact the commenter with a brief explanation of why their comment was removed and an invitation to resubmit more appropriate comments. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

This site and all of its content is protected under copyright laws. We have enabled the reblog feature, but we do not allow copy and paste reposting of any material contained in this site.

No shameless self-promotion. Comments that contain links to your books or to your website, other than the signature tags system generated between our blog host and yours, will result in comments being removed. We will not allow comments to distract from the discussion and sharing that we encourage–not being diligent on this policy would allow the site to quickly turn into nothing more than a promotion frenzy where people can no longer just enjoy the available resources without tripping over “buy my book” messages from the masses.

If you want to promote, use the method we have provided for you to do that. We will be happy to promote your article, with your tagline prominently displayed at the bottom, for the life of this site.Tag lines should include your name, your site and you can put something that speaks to your expertise in the topic you wrote about.

We value every one’s comments, please make sure that your comment does not infringe on the validity of everyone else’s rights to their own opinions. No one is right or wrong, no one should be criticizing another writer. This will not be tolerated.

In the interest of keeping our site dedicated and focused on Authors Helping Authors, please visit the How to Publish AHA Moments Page to efficiently submit articles.

You can always contact us at…we’d love to hear from you!

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