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This page will be dedicated to topics, resources and tips about writing – here are some great articles to start with!

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2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. So I said to myself, I said, said I, “Hey, my writing friends may enjoy this too.

    In “The Great Code” by Northrup Frye he names Seven elements of the literary structure of revelation (read story) as: 1. Creation (got to start somewhere on that blank page), 2. Exodus (remember Campbell’s Hero’s Journey), 3. Law (those pesky rules of English grammar and publishing house criteria), 4. Wisdom (What do the hero or heroine learn?), 5. Prophecy (fore-shadowing), 6. Gospel (the truth revealed), and 7. Apocalypse (the Black Moment) where the readers gets to cheer for the right decisions of the writer’s characters. What say you all?


  2. Will you be joining me for my first book signing of “Separation Anxiety” at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, 414 Main Street, Ann Arbor MI, September 30th, a Wednesday 7-8pm?

    Rohn Federbush


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