Author Interviews – Are They Worth Your Time?

Any opportunity to talk about yourself and/or your book(s) is absolutely important!  Be selective about the platform so that you are targeting the right audience with your time.  In other words, if your genre is romance novels, don’t waste time doing an interview on a site that has interviews on one page and stuff about scifi on all the other pages!  This is a good marketing tool, remember readers choose books based on what they know about the book AND the author.  Blog sites offering book reviews and or author interviews have followings so you are exposing yourself to a new audience each time you allow someone to interview you.  Go for it!  BUT, make yours stand out…most of them are using the same list of questions and the answers are the same promote the book list of responses and they don’t have much life to them.  Bring your A game when you fill out the questionnaire and put humor in it!

I have a blog that is set up to do nothing but Author Interviews and Book Reviews, there is nothing else there.  It actually gets good traffic, the interviews are unique and follow the format of a radio talk show.  I often get offers to be hosted by other people because I am doing that blog.  Hmmm, a small perk to blogging…we’ll talk more about that too.

The author interviews get more traffic and more comments on my blog site than the book reviews do.  Many of the commeets say that they like to now the author to better enjoy reading their books.  Its a personal connection that readers want so you should take every opportunity to give them that.  After all, reading a book is something we do alone, personally and if its a good read, we connect with it.

Here are some search results that I liked for places to submit/request author interview opportunities:

by Debra L Hartmann

English: Tom and Dave of KAPS Paranormal Radio...
English: Tom and Dave of KAPS Paranormal Radio interview Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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