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How To Be Productive

We all struggle with time management and balancing, family, work, and play…social media can be your best friend and your worst enemy all at once! Well done, Lucy, thanks for sharing this inspirational view point.

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Or How to be productive in spite of Social Media screaming in your eyes?


Lately I have been asking myself this question. Not only that, but I’ve noticed other authors and bloggers have wondered about it too.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love interacting with my friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Eeeeeh, Yeah, there are more sites, more social media time gobblers I’m involved in. Shoot! No wonder I feel spread thin and there’s not enough hours in a day to attend to them all. But I digress.

Productiveness and procrastination don’t go hand in hand. (See how they start out the same?) Hey! That’s not fair they both start with pro, which is latin for either ‘contra’ or ‘for’. Although in modern day language pro is mostly known as meaning ‘for’ or ‘in favour of’, a positive preposition rather than one associated with unwanted things. Yet procrastination…

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One thought on “How To Be Productive

  1. Your post couldn’t be more timely for me, Lucy. Twitter devours my time! (Note how I lay the blame at the feet of an inanimate entity. Umm. Who’s REALLY responsible for how my time gets wasted, err, spent?) I haven’t ventured onto Google + yet, but sounds like that’s where a writer ought to be hanging out – getting out there to connect with actual readers! (I have to refrain from adding hash tags as I type – I think I have a problem.) I like both your suggestions. Set a timer. Check. Devote a full day (planned upfront, of course). Also check.


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