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Find Your Writing Voice – “Speak up, I can’t hear you!”

recordplayer2You know that feeling when you hear a song on the radio and even though you have never heard it before, you know straight away who is singing it? Perhaps you don’t even need to hear the voice—the music is so distinct, it could only be them.

That same unique element exists in most professionals, and writing is no different. A good writer, like a musician, will always have their distinct style nobody else can claim, and in turn, every book has the unique fingerprints of its author.

Many people call this a writing voice, or style, but it’s far more complex than it sounds. It can be made up of many things in different amounts, making each unique. The subject of the book, length of chapters, themes, title, subtitle, description, punctuation, amount of dialogue, and on and on. When put together, it all becomes a style as original as the style our unique mixture of clothing, hair color, hair style, and various adornments create.

A writer’s style also consists of some combination of planning and winging it, each portioned uniquely to them.

helloooVocabulary: whether you will use simple words or fancier ones.

Whether you use short, declarative sentences, or longer ones that run on and on for many lines.

What writing mode you will use to get your point across: narrative, expository, descriptive, persuasive writing, or perhaps a combination of them all?

Theme, problem or conflict, plot or text structure, solution or resolution, setting, characters, point of view, and so much more requires decision making to create a 3 dimensional reading experience.

What ends up in the finished product says a lot about you and who you are. Your style is a reflection of your personality—your unique voice and way of approaching the audience and readers. But it will take time. With so many variables, the important thing is always let your voice shine through. Nurture it. Be brave, be original, be patient and develop your skills, and one day all the bricks will fall into place.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Roger Gerald Scott is the award-winning author of “A Questionable Cure,” co-founder of the AHA site, a respected blogger, and professional freelancer with http://indieauthorpublishingservices.com/

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