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Ask the… It’s an Invitation!

Authors, editors, designers, and marketing professionals with experience in traditional and indie/self publishing can really help authors learn and grow in their craft and the business of publishing. The team at IAPS has volunteered to donate some of their time each month answering writing, editing, packaging, publishing, and marketing questions faced every day while authors navigate… Continue reading Ask the… It’s an Invitation!

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What’s the 411 on The Fussy Librarian?

Let The Fussy Librarian help you sell books. After you’ve spent hundreds of hours writing your book, slaved through rewrites and hired a cover designer, it’s understandable that there’s not much energy left over for marketing. We’ve taken what works, made it better and made it easy for you.The Fussy Librarian is the first eBook… Continue reading What’s the 411 on The Fussy Librarian?

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How Can We Help the Oklahoma Tornado Victims?

Something a bit different today.  It just didn’t feel right to post a new article on the regular topics when all the news stations are only talking about the devastation and loss of life from a mile-wide tornado that flattened the suburb of Moore, just south of Oklahoma City around 3pm, yesterday.  The latest death toll as… Continue reading How Can We Help the Oklahoma Tornado Victims?